Alan Mackie

Alan Mackie

About him:

My research is based on Colloidal behaviour in the GI tract. Using a combination of in vitro and in vivo studies my team have shown that thermal processing, emulsification and enzymatic cross-linking can all be used to alter the rate and patterns of dairy protein digestion. My team have also looked at a range of other food structures and components that can effect digestion kinetics. Recently, I have used MRI to look at the link between gastric behaviour and physiological responses. In particular they show the importance of understanding the effects of the food matrix on rates of nutrient release. In September 2016 I moved to University of Leeds to continue these studies in the School of Food Science and Nutrition. Here my team have been focussing on colloidal and mucosal interactions. I have over 180 peer reviewed publications, Total citations (non-self) = 5837, Average citations per item = 34.1, H-index = 46.

About his talk:

"What is the role of dietary fiber in glycemic response?"

My talk will cover a range of factors that affect rates of starch digestion and glucose absorption including a human study on oat porridge. I will also talk about the potential importance of dietary fibre in relation to mucosal interactions and mucus permeability.