Susanne Naumann

Susanne Naumann

About her:

Susanne Naumann is currently a PhD student at the ZIEL Institute for Food and Health. ZIEL is a Corporate Research Center of the Technical University of Munich which operates at the interface between food science, nutrition research and medicine. The research is carried out in cooperation with the department of food process development of the Fraunhofer-Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV. Susanne Naumann obtained a masters degree in Food Technology and Biotechnology at the Technical University of Munich. Her research focusses on the effects of food processing on the physiochemical properties and the bile acid binding potential of dietary fibre derived from lupin cotyledons. This includes dietary fibre fractionations and characterization of the carbohydrate profiles of different lupin spezies and varieties. Experiments based on in-vitro digestion, dialysis and rheological characterizations are used to explore adsorptive and viscous effects of dietary fibre on bile acid release kinetics. To reveal the effects of chemical and mechanical modification of dietary fibre during food processing fibers are integrated into model food systems and tested in-vitro. Changes in the composition, sensory, rheological properties and effects on bile acid retardation are investigated.

About her talk:

In-vitro digestion, dialysis and kinetic analysis - Adsorptive and viscous effects of dietary fibre on bile acid release”

This talk will focus on how in-vitro methodologies can contribute to further understand the mechanistic principles of reduced bile acid release. Reduced recovery of bile acids is one of the major mechanisms proposed to explain the cholesterol-reducing effects of dietary fibres.