Martine Champ

Martine Champ

About her:

Since October 2015, Dr Martine Champ is consultant in nutrition for the food industry mainly on topics related to carbohydrates (i.e. sugars including lactose, starch) and dietary fibre.

Most of her career has been dedicated to carbohydrates and especially starch, including resistant starch, and dietary fibres in several areas from analysis and physico-chemical properties to human digestive physiology and metabolism. She has much been involved in expertise within French Food and Safety Agency (Afssa then Anses). She has been teaching nutrition in Nantes and several other Universities. She has also been head of the Human Nutrition Research Centre of Nantes and of a Research Laboratory at INRA, Nantes, France, for several years.

About her talk:

What are the main dietary fibres of the fruits? What are the main chemical and physical properties of these fibres? What are the specificities of fruit fibres compared to fibres from other origins (i.e. cereal of grain legume fibres)?