Nima Gunness

Nima Gunness

About her

Dr Nima Gunness is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences at the University of Queensland, Australia. She has intensively investigated the mechanisms behind the lipid-reducing properties of soluble dietary fibres from cereals and fruits in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo using pigs as a model for humans. The published results and review are contributing towards elucidating the physiological and biochemical mechanisms by which soluble dietary fibres influence triglycerides, bile acids and neutral sterol metabolism. She is also working on a project investigating the satiation and satiety properties of fruits and vegetables in different physical forms. This work involves the identification of nutritional mechanisms underpinning epidemiological health benefits of whole fruit, vegetables and nuts. Driven by her passion to communicate nutritional science and make a difference to people’s diets, Dr Gunness has developed baked products with high fibre content and good eating quality, which have been well-received by consumers and both social and traditional media.

About her talk:

‘Oat β-glucan lowers blood cholesterol by restricting its intestinal absorption and decreasing bile acids levels’

This talk challenges the proposed mechanism by which oat β-glucan lowers blood cholesterol. The results obtained from blood, intestinal content and tissue taken from different parts of the GIT of pigs used as a model for humans, suggest that β-glucan does not only act as a barrier to lipid digestion and absorption but also influences their metabolism via different pathways.