Rachel Hsu

Dr. Rachel Jui-cheng Hsu   

About her:

Rachel has served in China Grain Products R&D Institute since 1991. In the first ten years, she applied herself in improving quality system and food safety for cereal and confectionary industry in Taiwan. Lately, as the health consciousness draws the attention of consumers, Rachel and her team established a functional foods network to integrate the resources from government, and academy for promoting functional foods industry in Taiwan. Through the effort of the network, many ingredients and functional foods have been developed and commercialized. Rachel, as the chief of technique service section of CGPRDI, devotes herself in developing cereal foods with health approach as well as with safety and quality.

About her talk:

Effects of soluble fibers extracted from dehulled adlay on metabolism of blood lipid and sugar in animal study

Adlay, so called Job’s tears has been a superior cereal used in traditional Chinese medicine with regulating metabolism functions. In the study, water soluble dietary fiber was extracted and fractioned from dehulled adlay to investigate its physicochemical properties and the effects of metabolism regulation of blood lipid and glucose in animal study. The two fractions of dietary fibers play different role in the function of hypolipidedmic and hypoglycemic regulation.